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“Chicago’s King of Cups Is the Epitome of Adulting at Halloween”-

“While other bars are hosting kitschy pop-up experiences and campy Halloween deals, King of Cups in Lincoln Park is a year-round romantically dark and mystic libation station. Considering the extra chilling time of year, the medieval-meets-upscale bar at 2238 N. Lincoln is boasting a menu of charmingly potent concoctions designed by celebrated beverage director Daniel Jahnke. Unique mixtures like The Posh Tosh made with CBD flowers and rum fire, 7 Deadly Sins made with candy corn syrup and Malort and The Underworld made with egg whites and blanco tequila are available to order through November 8th.”

While patrons have a few more weeks to sip on Jahnke’s carefully crafted cocktails, King of Cups exhibits unforgettable happenings no matter the season. Nightly tarot card readings and an intimately adorned bar are sure to create memorable antics amongst friends and frequenters alike.

It’s not easy to find city gems like this one. And when you do, it’s a real treat.”

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