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Cocktail Lounge Introduction


A cocktail lounge is any place that typically serves drinks and cocktails, it is commonly referred to as a bar. While there is much debate regarding a bar and cocktail lounge, there is generally a different noticed in the two. A cocktail lounge is generally a place where different business and casual parties can be a good option to hold whereas a bar is any place that is considered to be a casual hangout serving booze. To be more specific in the details the common difference is as below;


Primarily serves beer and call/well liquors and offers happy hour specials.

Cocktail Lounge

It is not a cocktail bar, although it might market itself as one. It may have a menu of “signature cocktails,” although the majority of these will include flavoured vodka, most often Stoli Vanilla.

To be more specific, a “cocktail lounge” is a drinking establishment where the decor is much more important. There tends to be a theme of some sort, which often looks like it was chosen & realized with the help of an interior design or architecture firm. Music also fits a theme, be it the aforementioned trip-hop or acid jazz, or rap/hip-hop, pop/top-40, or 80s/hair metal, and is either controlled by the staff via a behind-the-scenes stereo system, or by a DJ. There are generally no TVs. While some patrons at a “cocktail lounge” still drink beer and simple mixed drinks, many opt for wine, higher-end liquors (neat or on the rocks), or more elaborate cocktails.

There is a common difference between cocktail parties and business networking. To understand the difference, the following are the explanations;

Cocktail Party – A cocktail party is a good alternative to sit-down dinners that do not favour movement and exchange. Cocktail parties make networking easier since everyone is standing and can enjoy food and drinks while talking and moving around. To create optimal conversation and meeting opportunities, and to build strong relations with and among your guests, your cocktail planning must be flawless. A “Cocktail party” can mean many things. You should think about the most relevant format based on your needs. Should it be a lunch-time or evening cocktail? Is it embedded within another event – conference, annual company event? Who are your guests? What are your expectations for this event: increasing your professional network, acquiring new customers, increasing your existing customers’ loyalty, etc. Having an answer to these questions will enable you to set a framework for your event.

Business Networking – Business networking is the process of establishing a mutually beneficial relationship with other business people and potential clients and/or customers. The primary purpose of business networking is to tell others about your business and hopefully turn them into customers.

Corporate cocktail classes are any events that lead to more closed deals than the business lunch; it is the corporate cocktail party. They are the ultimate opportunity to mix, mingle, network and softly lobby and negotiate on behalf of yourself and your business. As the old saying goes, “people do business with people, not companies” and there is nothing like a night of good music, plentiful drink and relaxed, friendly conversation, to turn that prospective client into an old friend, looking forward to giving you their business. They offer easy access, ample parking, delicious and unique menus, the very best domestic and imported beverages, distinctive entertainment, and can even arrange overnight lodgings, at quality hotels if your guest should need it. Best of all, they can provide all this at rates that no caterer would even consider. To my mind, there is no doubt which path is most likely to lead to the best results.

Chicago has come a long way from being a post-shift, whiskey-and-beer town (not that there’s anything wrong with that). It’s just that the drinking scene is as wide and varied as the city itself. These days, you’ll see that it thrives with creative bartenders experimenting with ingredients, techniques, and philosophies. Whether seeking out austere, polished classics in the Loop or heading to Logan Square – where new cocktail dens open regularly – for playful tiki drinks, there’s something for everyone.

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