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Cocktails and Romantic Dates

Cocktails and Romantic Dates

What do Cocktails and Romantic Dates Have in Common?

No one can tell for sure where cocktails originated. The entire history is quite unclear. Kind of how your date looks to you after one or two glasses of a very strong mix.

One of the most popular memories related to booze is Prohibition. And when it ended in 1933, there was a big boom in the art of making cocktails.

It brought the invention of new mixes. Chicago alone can boast of 3 classic cocktails. The Chicago Fizz, the Chicago Cocktail, and the Cohasset Punch.

In the time this drink has been a part of our lifestyle, some traditions have grown out of it. One of which is the romance cocktails share with romance — oh sorry, love.

The World of Cocktails Today

Who started it? We can’t tell, and we don’t want to believe it started with horses. But since it’s very beginning, cocktails have enjoyed a tremendous evolution.

From smoke oozing out the top of cocktail glasses to flames dancing on your drink, the cocktails of today are on a whole different level. Seems like the buzz wasn’t enough, so we decided to make it more exciting (and scary?) to enjoy our drinks.

Entire careers and relationships have thrived around the rims of cocktail glasses. Speaking of relationships, many people believe going out for drinks (insert: cocktails) is an excellent first date idea. We’ll talk more about this. But something about cocktails makes date nights and first dates go extremely well.

Mixologists, have you heard about them? Or is that just a fancy name for a bartender?

How does Mixology Relate to my Booze?

Is mixology the scientific study of mixing?

Okay, don’t laugh. Mixology is not so scientific. But there are drink mixing enthusiasts who take the craft to a higher level. They use an in-depth understanding to craft new mixtures of different types of drinks. You can think of them as bartenders with a Ph.D.

Not a real Ph.D. (in most cases), but you catch the drift.

Mixologists are the reason there is a wide variety of cocktail tastes to explore. In all honesty, they’ve been a blessing to those of us who love cocktails.

With so many choices to explore (Sazerac, Hugo, Tom Collins, Julep, Sidecar, Americano, Vieux Carré, and hundreds more), every cocktail date can be brand new and fresh.

It’s like traveling the world of tastes with your partner. With the extra spice of showcasing you’re ahead of the game while getting to watch their faces light up with delight after the first sip.

But did you know the cocktail you choose says something about you?

What Does Your Cocktail Say About You on First Dates?

You’ve scored a date. Congratulations, buddy. A cocktail date for that matter? This is an excellent opportunity to impress your date. Don’t waste it.

When you order a cocktail like Vieux Carré and flawlessly pronounce the name, you’ll appear to be a seasoned traveler. If you also know what the name translates to in English, you’ll have them drooling.

Going for Last Word (yes, that’s the name) will earn you some respect. Not only from your date, but also from the bartender. You’re obviously a Prof with the booze to know this zesty drink that’s not so popular, yet classic.

How about Americano? What a way to show off your classic Italian cocktail knowledge! This one is not as popular as it’s sister Negroni. You can imagine how exquisite and cultured you sound ordering it.

On your date, you want to seem interesting, very experienced, cultured and able to hold your liquor. Explore your choices of cocktails and go for something that stands out and will be great to experience.

You also want to arm yourself with some knowledge about it, in case it becomes a topic of conversation during the date.

If you’re still wondering if going out for cocktails is an excellent choice for a first date, science says it is. It’s a surefire way to get a second date, according to that survey by, OkCupid and Tinder.

But if you’ve made the excellent decision to take your date out for cocktails in Illinois, Chicago, there are only a handful of cocktail lounges in the Lincoln Park neighborhood. You’ll get to impress your date with exquisite tastes. Tastes that lead to a memorable night afterward.

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